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We understand that a website is more than just a window into your company; that it’s a 24-7 extension of your business operations available to a global audience. So whether you’re an e-commerce operation, informational resource or marketing hub the way your potential clients perceive you is critical to online success.

We know from experience that a poorly maintained website loses customers, damages business credibility and does more harm than good. Outdated pages, and obsolete information will negatively impact on sales and client relationships.

Yet staying on top of day to day business challenges can be difficult enough without worrying about how the website’s performing.

That’s where we can help.

When it comes to easing the burden of website management Saints at Play have many years experience of providing robust and user friendly solutions to aid and expedite the process for interested parties.

Our customised content management systems and dedicated file management applications can help you meet those needs more effectively. From adding and amending content on your pages to uploading image files and word documents to embedding video files and interacting with users our bespoke web management applications gives you ease of control over your site’s content.

Built through our expert knowledge of CodeIgniter these are just some of the features we can offer in this area:

  • Add, Edit and Delete page content
  • Upload and download different files such as JPEG, GIF, PDF, Word, FLV and MP3’s
  • Manage page text within a MicroSoft Word like interface
  • Create and manage website users, defining what they can and can’t do on the website
  • Allow page content to be switched on or off
  • Allow page content to be published/archived by specific dates/times
  • Online image editing
  • Interact directly with the database
  • Import/Export data

Why struggle with updating your website, or even worse letting your content go unattended? Get in touch with Saints at Play today and see how we can significantly impact on your website management needs.