Published: August 2010
  • PHP 5/MySQL5
  • jQuery
  • Google Maps API
  • HTML5/CSS 3
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eMappable combines the flexibility and power of Google Maps with user generated content to create a new and unique online community. Developed, initially as a mapping application, the idea quickly began to assume a life of its own. Bringing together web 2.0 technologies such as jQuery, ajax and Google Maps with a social media perspective the project took approximately 6 weeks to develop from initial designs through to live publication.

Key features include:

  • Ability for user’s to create multiple maps of their choosing
  • Embed images, YouTube videos, hyperlinks and text content within map markers
  • Reposition markers and amend content at user’s discretion
  • Allow other online user’s to print, rate, share and comment on published maps

Being new on the social media scene we are looking forward to seeing how the application will be adopted. Already we are leveraging technologies and approaches used on this project for further web based applications.