Our AIR App desktop application

All the goodness of the web offline

With our new and improved AIR App you can access information about our digital services, browse client projects for the web and mobile platforms, catch up on the latest news and even send e-cards to friends family and colleagues all from the familiarity of your computer’s desktop.

Recent additions and improvements to version 2 of our AIR App include:

  • Integrated search functionality
  • Enhanced accessibility features
  • Improved UI
  • Content managed
  • Remote data integration
  • Smarter error detection

Integrated Search functionality

Finding digital projects and services becomes much more simplified thanks to the inbuilt search functionality at the top of every screen. Simply enter your search term, hit enter and matching records will be listed under the Projects and Services content areas on the Search Results screen

Search results for keyword: mobile

And when no results are found the user is duly informed

Search term not found

Enhanced accessibility features

Using the App becomes easier with the number of accessibility enhancements we’ve made:

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Tabbed navigation
  • Implementation of ARIA roles for assistive software
  • Hyperlinks optimised with descriptive title attributes
  • Images, where non-decorative, make use of alternative text descriptions

Improved UI

With a redesigned layout, improved colour scheme and seamless transitions between pages the App looks, feels and functions more smoothly than the previous version making it a pleasure to use.

Thanks to the beautiful zoom/flow transition effect when navigating from one screen to the next the experience of using the App feels effortless and flowing.

Simply navigate from one screen

Transitioning from the App home screen

And the next screen animates into view with just the right touch of eye candy.

Transitioning to the App digital services screen

Content managed

The main focus, right from the outset, was developing a desktop based App that would be able to 'stay fresh' without requiring being rebuilt, republished and having to be downloaded again by the end user which was one of the main limitations with the previous version.

To resolve this the entire App architecture was overhauled and an auto-initialisation/update architecture built into its core so that upon first run the App is built with content retrieved from our remote server, stored in the internal database and then updated when needed via network calls on subsequent launches.

Initialisation of the App taking place

This has made for a much improved user-experience and means that we can content manage the App as we would our website - all from one remote console! The only things that is needed for this to take place is an active network connection and the App updates itself as if by magic - and what could be better than that? Less hassle for ourselves and a seamless experience for the end user - everyone's a winner!

Remote data integration

It might be designed for the desktop but there’s plenty to keep the App fresh and connected with the outside world. From remotely managed content to integration with our Twitter feed, links to external client projects and custom e-cards our revised and revamped desktop App keeps you in the loop even when you’re offline.

Catch up with the latest news from our Twitter feed

Latest Tweets displayed in the App

Or select an e-card to send to a friend

Gallery of E-cards available to choose from

Smarter error detection

Whether you’re submitting forms, updating App content or trying to open remote links without an active network connection the App lets you know what’s wrong and what needs to be done to change the situation.

Network detection error

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