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The legacy of computer scientist Dennis Ritchie

Posted: January 14, 2015
Written by: Saints At Play
Category: Key People

October 5th 2011 and reports of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ death was headline news throughout online media outlets in every country around the world. Websites, blogs, twitter feeds, Facebook pages and news portals were filled with tributes, plaudits and commemorations (many of which were truly deserved - whether you’re an apple fanboi or not - and some that were just plainly ridiculous) and wherever you went it seemed, thanks to the media, that the man was larger in death than he ever was in life.

Yet on October 8th 2011 another important pioneer in the early days of the computing industry passed away, his name generating very little media attention despite his contributions being every bit as significant as those of Job’s, possibly, and even arguably, more so.

His name? Dennis Ritchie.

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