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Recording your iPhone or iPad screen and audio to your Mac

Posted: February 14, 2015
Written by: Saints At Play
Category: Apple

In this tutorial we'll take you through capturing screen and audio content from your iPhone or iPad and recording that to your Mac with a fantastic little App called X-Mirage.  

Free trial limitations

The free-trial version of the X-Mirage App might be a little restricted for most people's screen-recording needs as it only allows for recording and exporting up to 3 minutes of captured iOS device screen/audio. To unlock this limitation you'll need to purchase the App but don't begrudge shelling out for that purchase - at £12.54 (if you're purchasing in Great British Pounds) the App represents extremely good value for money so you won't notice your pocket being hit too hard.

First steps

Once you've downloaded, installed and opened the X-Mirage App on your Mac, fire up your iOS device and ensure that it's connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Access the Control Center on your iOS device (as demonstrated below.) 

Accessing iOS device controls

Select the AirPlay option from the bottom of the screen and, in the displayed menu, select X-Mirage[name-of-your-computer] and enable the Mirroring option under the name of your computer:

Enabling AirPlay mirroring

On your computer's desktop the connected iOS device will now be wirelessly mirrored via the X-Mirage App:

iOS device mirrored to Mac computer

In the X-Mirage App you can now start directly recording the screen (by clicking on the red record button displayed on the screen within the App) and, if you so wish, the audio (next to the red record button an audio button is displayed for this purpose), from your connected iOS device.

When you start recording your connected iOS device's screen you'll see a timer displayed towards the top of the screen indicating the duration of the recording as well as the red record button changing to a stop record button:

iOS device recording

Once you've finished your recording (by clicking on the stop recording button icon displayed on the screen) an accompanying program - X-MirageConverter - will open allowing you to export the screen recording to an MP4 movie.

You can determine the location and name of the exported file (the default is shown below - highlighted in blue) as well as altering the export settings to your particular preferences (in most cases the default of 540 x 720 should be fine).

Exporting iOS device screen recording

Whether you're creating screencasts for e-learning material, demonstrating an App in action on your iOS device or mirroring your screen for team development purposes give X-Mirage a spin - you won't regret it.

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