Opening up the web for all to use

Cross platform support

This website has been designed to be used across a range of desktop, tablet and mobile devices with support for the following:

  • Internet Explorer 9+
  • Safari 2+
  • Firefox 2+
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera
  • iPhone 4+
  • iPad 2+
  • Android


Images, where appropriate, that are used in the site contain alternative text descriptions.


Page content can be accessed in a linear and logical order even when CSS styling is disabled.


Page content and functionality can be accessed even when javascript is disabled.


Hyperlinks used in the website are able to be navigated to and activated through keyboard interaction, contain title attributes to provide further information about the purpose of that link and are wrapped around, where possible, descriptive text.


All navigation items are optimised for accessibility with a Skip Links option at the top of the page to allow screenreader software to ‘jump’ to the main content of that page.

Keyboard Navigation

All website links, form fields and buttons can be navigated to and activated through use of the standard keyboard TAB key.

Text resizing

All page text, apart from images containing text, can be reduced or enlarged through using the native browser text resizing controls.


Where appropriate ARIA attributes have been used in the pages of this site to help screenreading software to determine how best to process content specific to each page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We have also implemented Access Keys into our website to facilitate keyboard navigation for users with the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8+, Firefox 2+ and Safari 2+ (Access keys are displayed in brackets for each page listed below)

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